Vivian Paley

Our thinking about teaching and learning has evolved as a result of working with children and stories. Along with Paley, we believe that school readiness means more than learning about numbers, letters, shapes and colors. We also believe that the work being done to bring academic standards into classrooms for the young is valuable. We worry, however, about the shape those standards seem to take. They often appear in boxes or rubrics, and we believe (along, possibly, with Antoinette Portis, author of Not a Box) that boxes and rubrics are not the most effective container for holding story. 

Add in the last piece of the early childhood puzzle (nurturing children's creativity and critical thinking and their ability to collaborate with others), and it is easy to understand why teachers of the young often feel overwhelmed. There aren't enough hours in the day!, they cry, and they are right.

Unless, that is, you use story!

After years of playing and working with, and filming brave and talented teachers and storytellers, we have come up with an online way to learn about using story in early childhood classrooms.

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