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Our catalog, The Language of Story and Play, contains video clips that can be streamed on your personal computer or mobile device, and also includes PDFs that can be downloaded to your computer. The catalog's contents are for individual use or, under the terms of the Group Subscription, can be shared with students.

Subscription prices for individuals are as follows:
   1 month:        $ 25.00
   6 months:     $100.00
 12 months:     $175.00

Group subscriptions are designed for teachers who offer formal or informal training to adults and wish to share clips with students. The cost per year is $ 250.00, and the plan allows teachers to create links for students so that they can access individual clips or an entire series. Each link remains valid for 45 days, and can be recreated if more time is needed. 

When you subscribe to our video catalog, you agree to our Terms of Service.

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