About the Child Care Collection

At the Child Care Collection, we research, film and produce training materials (video and print) for early childhood professionals. Over the years, thanks to work that began with Vivian Paley, we have developed a special interest in the use of story with young children.

We began with a DVD, Far Ago and Long Away: Innovative Storytelling; produced three programs about Paley's work; and then collaborated with a variety of teachers and storytellers to produce the 3-part series, Story in the Early Years. All of these programs are available on our DVD page.

Our newest training opportunity comes in the form of an online video catalog, The Language of Story and Play. Here you can join us as we continue exploring the stories children tell, and how co-constructing stories can be an effective teaching and learning tool for early childhood professionals. 

In addition to filming, editing and training, we have written and blogged about the stories we have collected in a variety of preschools. On our Stories of Science page, we will continue to document the connections we find between stories and science.



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